ONE HUNDRED Vegan Cupcakes Take Over Meatfest!

THIS is what 100 vegan cupcakes look like.

(Sorry… There’s just one lousy photo to commemorate the conclusion of this project. The finished product got gobbled too quickly.)

 Assumptions People May Make About You When You Show Up to a Meatfest With 100 Vegan Cupcakes

  • you are super friendly
  • you will be bringing juice to wash them down
  • you want to be friends
  • you want a veggie kabob. NOW.

When I finished baking cupcakes, I ended up with 120. I made a batch of fudgey chocolate frosting, but I was out of soy milk so it ended up spreading on the cupcakes like rabbit turds and my sprinkles wouldn’t stick. Despite the difficulty frosting, they were still recognizable as cupcakes and still delicious. When I ran out of chocolate frosting, I whipped up some vanilla, added a drop of blue coloring, and shlapped it on the remaining cakelets. The normally frustrating frosting process went by super quick because my awesome eager roommates all grabbed utensils and started spreading. When 100 were frosted, the cupcakes were loaded in beer boxes and on I ended up using a chalkboard as a tray (which conveniently also held my drink) and stomped out to distribute.

At first, the Meatfeasters were speechless, and I announced, “I’ve got ONE HUNDRED vegan cupcakes to eat! ONE HUNDRED vegan cupcakes for Meatfest. It didn’t take long until there were crowds around each of us. We weaved through the ‘Fest and handed them out. By the time we made it from one side to the other, we were down to about 2 dozen, and by the time we left there were zero. Just those tasty turds remained, sprinkled on a picnic table or two where they fell of their cupcakes.

And a squirrel ran off with a whole cupcake! Right up a tree! HOORAY for wildlife!

This Meatfest was “better” than ever, not because there was more meat, but because there was more involvement. There were two chefs and two hot grills and people clustered around everything that could be sat on or have food laid on it. There were also a couple of Frisbees flying around, one of which smoked a chef, requiring my roommate to run off with all of our ice (at which point I was left with nothing to chill my vodka & seltzers).

The reaction to the cupcakes was awesome. Lost of folks wanted to know what makes a vegan cupcake different from a “regular” cupcake. Showing up with baked goods is a great way to advocate veganism, and showing up with an overwhelming amount of baked goods is an even better way.

When the night ended (at 8:30 pm or so) I was an exhausted vegan with a messy kitchen and 22 leftover blue-frosted cupcakes, watching Old Gregg on the Youtube. I was lights-out at 9:00 pm. The combination of frantic baking, vodka, cupcake distribution, and hearty laughter tuckered me out.

And BONUS: in the morning I still had 18 cupcakes to bring to class!

Extra BONUS:

"Im Old Gregg!"

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